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Massive Dynamic Review FT
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Massive Dynamic Theme Review: The Future of WordPress?

Massive Dynamic is a brand new WordPress theme that was recently launched on the ThemeForest marketplace. There’s no shortage of WordPress themes to choose from these days, so to try and separate Massive Dynamic from the competition, this theme is being marketed by its creators as the Future of WordPress.

Claiming to be the future of WordPress – an online publishing tool that has been around for 13 years and now powers close to 25% of all websites – is a bold statement. Especially for a theme that you can pick up for just $59. However, Massive Dynamic certainly looks like an interesting WordPress theme that is packed with features.

So with that in mind, let’s explore what this new product offers in our Massive Dynamic theme review. By the end of this review, you’ll know everything you need to about this theme. This will help you decide if it’s the best tool for your next WordPress project.

Who Should Choose Massive Dynamic?

Massive Dynamic WordPress Theme Review

Massive Dynamic is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that aims to be all things to all people. Sometimes trying to appeal to everybody, all at once, can be a risky ambition. However, with multi-purpose themes heading up the WordPress template best-seller lists, it seems like this approach can work well in this space.

As we’ll soon see, this theme comes packed with a large number of demos. These pre-built website templates cover a wide range of uses and can be applied to your WordPress site in just a few clicks. If none of the demos align with your goals, then you can use the integrated page builder tool to create your own – without needing to edit any code, mess around with any HTML, or customize a line of CSS yourself.

Therefore, no matter what type of website you plan to build, Massive Dynamic has been created for you – the only restriction is that you must also be using WordPress!

Massive Dynamic WordPress Theme Features

Massive Dynamic is marketed as a game changer in the WordPress theme space. It claims to bring new features to WordPress that just haven’t been possible before. Let’s start this Massive Dynamic theme review by examining those features in more detail, to see if this really is the case.

Massive Library of Demos

Massive Dynamic Review Demos 01

The first thing that catches your eye when using this theme is the massive library of demos you can choose from. These demos are complete websites that you can quickly import into your own WordPress site, in just a few steps. These demos cover a wide range of categories, including:

  • Business
  • Blogging
  • Creative
  • Portfolio
  • Store
  • Personal

There’s also a healthy selection of miscellaneous demos to choose from too. In addition to this, the demos can also be categorized according to their layout. These layout categories include one page, side menu, boxed, and full-width options. Then within each of these classifications, there are plenty of other combinations to choose from. This all gives you plenty of choices when setting up your website, helping to make Massive Dynamic a truly multi-purpose theme.

Massive Dynamic Review Demos 02

Applying any of the demos to your WordPress website is very easy with Massive Dynamic. Simply browse the available options from within your WordPress dashboard. Then, once you’ve made a decision, choose which elements of the demo you’d like to import. You can also import multiple demos to combine everything together.

Massive Dynamic Review Templates

Overall, the demos of Massive Dynamic should cover most types of websites you could ever want to create with WordPress. After importing the demo content, you can then simply add your own content or get more creative and fire up the Massive Builder tool.

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder Tools

Massive Dynamic Review Massive Builder

Every good multi-purpose WordPress theme features a page builder tool these days, and Massive Dynamic is no exception. Instead of taking the easy route and relying on the hugely popular WPBakery page builder plugin and checking this task off the “to do” list, the PixFlow team has decided to create their very own page builder tool for Massive Dynamic.

Massive Dynamic Review Builder

This bespoke tool comes in the form of Massive Builder. This is a front-end, drag-and-drop WordPress page builder tool, which aims to make it as easy as possible to create custom designs for your posts, pages, and other website content.

Massive Dynamic Review Massive Builder UI

The Massive Builder has a pretty unique approach to delivering a front-end, drag-and-drop page builder interface for WordPress. After enabling the builder, the screen switches to the front-end view, giving you a live preview of your content alongside a set of controls.

Massive Dynamic Review Massive Builder Not Point

Despite its appearance, the Massive Builder interface doesn’t allow you to simply click on an element and start editing it. For example, if you want to edit any of the text on your page, first, you need to click on the item. Then, you must select the appropriate icon, and then you are able to enter your content in a pop-up window. Or you can also double click to open settings pop-up windows right away.

Massive Dynamic Review Massive Builder Text

Despite not quite getting there, this approach is closer to the type of front-end, point and click editor that would make WordPress even easier to use. Nonetheless, Massive Builder has taken a few steps in the right direction.

Massive Dynamic Review Settings

Through the sidebar panel of the builder interface, you can also customize many aspects of your website. These include the typography settings, menu position, color choices, and a whole lot more. Like the rest of the builder interface, you get a live preview of your changes as you make them, speeding up the customization process considerably.

It’s worth mentioning that in order to ensure that Massive Dynamic is able to compete in the busy multi-purpose WordPress theme category, the developers have also decided to include the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin in the package. This gives you even greater page building possibilities when it comes to designing your own bespoke WordPress website.

Massive Dynamic Elements

Massive Dynamic Review Elements

When creating posts, pages, and other content for your WordPress website, Massive Dynamic provides you with a large library of elements to make use of. These elements can be used to add a wide range of useful features to your website, each of which can be easily inserted into your content.

Massive Dynamic Review Text Elements

Some of these elements are simple items that can be used to upgrade the presentation of your content. On the other hand, some of the elements, such as the pricing table builder, could be used to replace plugins that you might have otherwise had to rely on.

Massive Dynamic Review Pricing Table

These elements are really useful, and they all look great. The benefit of using a theme like Massive Dynamic, which includes elements like this, instead of using a third-party plugin, is that they will all blend in with the design of the rest of your website. Not to mention saving you money in the process.

Online Portfolio Builder

Massive Dynamic Review Portfolio Full Width

If you’d like your new WordPress website to include a portfolio for showcasing your work and other projects, then Massive Dynamic won’t disappoint.

Massive Dynamic Review Portfolio Sidebar

While there’s a selection of portfolio website demos to choose from, no matter which demos you do choose for your website, you can still make use of the portfolio templates to publish your work online.

Massive Dynamic Review Portfolio Single

These portfolio templates come in a range of styles and designs. There are multiple portfolio overview layouts to choose from. Then there’s a selection of templates for the individual portfolio item pages. You’ll also find a carousel option, which makes it easier for your visitors to scroll or swipe their way through your projects.

Full Ecommerce Support

Massive Dynamic Review Ecommerce

If you want to build an online store with WordPress, then the Massive Dynamic theme – when combined with a suitable eCommerce plugin – provides you with everything you need. By activating the WooCommerce plugin that is included in the theme package, you can start creating product listings and giving your visitors the opportunity to add those items to their shopping carts and purchase them online.

Massive Dynamic Review Store Demos

As well as providing you with a number of demos dedicated to helping you create an eCommerce website with WordPress, Massive Dynamic also includes a full range of templates for selling products online when using any of the other website demos.

Massive Dynamic Review Product Page

These eCommerce templates cover the product listing pages, the individual item pages, and all of the shopping cart, checkout, and customer account pages your store will need. You can, of course, customize all of these templates to ensure they meet your needs more accurately, with the Massive Builder tool.

Suite of Premium Third Party Plugins

If you want to build the perfect website for your project with WordPress, you are going to have to draw on a large number of third-party plugins available for this software. Massive Dynamic comes with a handful of free and commercial WordPress plugins to help save you the trouble of tracking down the best plugins for your needs.

Among the tools you’ll find in this theme package are the WPBakerypage builder plugin, the Go Pricing product comparison table creator tool, and two premium slideshow builder plugins in the form of Revolution Slider and Master Slider.

Some of these plugins are used to add elements to the Massive Dynamic demos, such as the animated sliders and video slideshows, while others are just there to make your life easier when it comes to building a successful website. In total, the value of these commercial plugins comes to $93 if you were to purchase them separately – which is well over the price of this theme.

Other Features of Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic Review Settings

Massive Dynamic certainly isn’t lacking in features. As well as all of the above main highlights of this theme, there are lots more reasons why this might be the right product for your website.

Some other notable features of Massive Dynamic include:

  • Extensive set of customization options
  • Full online documentation and support videos
  • Search engine optimized (SEO) code and site structure
  • Large library of content layout options
  • Set of animation effects to engage visitors
  • Progressive image loading for perceived faster page speed
  • New content notification center to promote site updates
  • Easy custom CSS insertion for even more flexibility
  • Google Fonts integration for over 600 typeface choices

Don’t forget, as this is a newly released theme, it’s safe to assume that the feature list of Massive Dynamic will only increase over time.

How Much Does Massive Dynamic Cost?

As the intro mentions, the Massive Dynamic WordPress theme can be purchased from the ThemeForest marketplace for just $59. This includes access to future theme updates for life, and six months of support from the theme developers. These 6 months of support can be extended to 12 months for just an additional $17.70.

Massive Dynamic Theme Review Conclusion

Massive Dynamic is packed with all of the features you’d expect to find in a modern, best-selling, multi-purpose WordPress theme.

You’ll find an impressive selection of well-designed demos and templates in the package. A good number of elements can be easily inserted into your content to give it a quick upgrade. The added premium plugins are all very useful too.

The Massive Builder tool is a good attempt at trying to introduce a new way of working to WordPress. However, the user experience of the builder could be better. There are many worse examples of WordPress page builders, however, there are also easier tools to use.

Even so, if you have the time to invest in getting to grips with Massive Builder, there won’t be much you can’t do with it when it comes to creating a custom WordPress website with this theme.

I’m not sure if this newly released theme can claim to be the Future of WordPress just yet. However, it’s off to a good start so far. Compared to the leading themes in this category, it’s certainly not lacking in any areas.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a theme that offers multiple pre-built demos, and the flexibility to create your own, then Massive Dynamic is definitely worth exploring further.

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This Post Has 9 Comments

  1. its loading way too slow whereas competitor themes like Avada or ThemeX are way too fast. Can you just confirm on the page speed?

    1. Anand,

      The problem with Massive Dynamic and their demo site is that they are using a cheap shared hosting therefore their demo site is rather slow to load. If you are going to use WordPress managed hosting just like we recommend you will get much better performance. Other theme demos such as your mentioned Avada and X theme already uses managed hosting therefore their website loads much, much faster while theme optimization side is the same. Good hosting is a huge deal and I would highly recommend to always avoid shared hosting if you care about user experience and your business in general.

  2. Christine says:

    I’m a novice (and a client looking at themes that a good developer can customize for under $2K) so my question my seem juvenile but, to clarify: You guys think you can get similarly fast loading with the Massive Dynamics theme as you do with Avada (which I own) and others like X? I prefer the look of and visuals of this theme to those so I’m seriously considering it and I have VPS hosting on Bluehost (something in between managed and standard hosting, I think). My site will not have a lot of pages, but it will have tons of posts and “projects,” which the portfolio style of this theme is perfect for.

    1. Gloria Barr says:

      Would like to know if you get an answer to that, Christine. I am trying to find the right theme to use (i am pretty much a novice, although I have created one blog site using WordPress) and need to convert my old html site to WordPress. But it is very confusing with all the themes out there.

      1. Hello Christine and Gloria,

        Massive Dynamic loads as fast as Avada as long as you are using a decent WordPress hosting such as WP Engine, Kinsta or Pagely. Or at least have a good caching plugin installed and configured. We recommend WP Rocket. You can see why here.

  3. Hi! I am also new at this. I’m starting a WordPress website, Hostgator hosting. Is it good idea to purchase Massive Dynamic? I really like the looks of it.

    1. Sherly,

      If you like the theme I see no reason why not to purchase it. It is a great multipurpose theme with loads of great options and a page builder that makes website setup easier than ever.

  4. Rima Bonario says:

    Is there an event module or calendar function that will play well with this theme?

    1. Rima,

      All event calendar plugins will work fine with this theme but one particular one that I want to highlight is this.

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