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Newsletter Plugins for WordPress
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Top 5 Newsletter Plugins for WordPress to Earn Subscribers

As you all know, email marketing is one of the successful online marketing strategies. So, it’s truly important to find the newsletter plugins for WordPress with the full features and functionalities you need. This add-on works more than adding color to your website. It allows you to invite more people to subscribe to your emails and receive essential letters from you.

The emails you can send might lead them to purchase an item or product from you. Almost every blog or web owner has a newsletter on their page. Through the newsletter services, you can send unlimited emails, send automated notifications, and allows you to track your email marketing campaign. That is for you to see whether it is successful or if you need to work on more improvements.

Using one of these newsletter plugins for WordPress is also the best way to keep track of your subscribers. You can see those who are active and inactive. You can tell who you need to remove or continue on your subscriber lists.

Therefore, in this article, you will learn some key points about this email marketing strategy. First, what are the benefits of using one of those? And second, what are the five fundamental newsletter plugins you can use on your website? ‘

The only way to reveal the answer is by reading this article.

The Benefits of Newsletter Plugins for WordPress

Whether you think about using the newsletter plugin or not, the answer is that you have to. In the past few years, online marketers have told people the essence and importance of the email subscription mailing list. This plugin lets you keep in touch with your visitors, potential clients, and customers.

Why do you need to use it, but what’s the benefit of not using it? You see, it’s almost impossible to make your website stand on its own without having this long-time used strategy.

With this email, marketing strategy is another online technique used by entrepreneurs and marketers. These are the consistent number and days of posting articles and how you approach your visitors by subscribing for them to see more of what you can offer.

The most reliable tool to keep pace with the users and visitors

What you need for a successful website is your repeat visitors. Google’s algorithm changed over time, and once they acknowledge that more people keep coming back on your page, they sense it as more reliable. In a sense, it builds up your reputation.

Another thing, many professional website owners make sure they have a high-quality newsletter on their website. Even the visitors think it is trustworthy if you have this on your page.

Moreover, it also allows you to send sales emails or promotional messages to your subscribers. You can keep track of your subscribers—especially those who aren’t too active on your site. So, reminding them with an email – without being too persistent – can bring them back altogether. What’s more, it can build your brand to other readers, and let them share it with their family and friends.

A Reliable Email Marketing Tool

Without the newsletter plugin, emailing your subscribers can only lead to a spam folder. And driving them to spam folder means it has a lesser chance that they could read it. So, the best way to avoid this scenario is through professional email service providers. Their systems work day and night to ensure they deliver your emails straight to your receiver’s inbox.

Several developers are working hand in hand to make it happen. They also manage and update their system once in a while, ensuring it is not outdated. Furthermore, ISPs and email services trust this bulk mail service provider.

With Newsletter Plugins for WordPress, There’s No Limit

Unlike when you send emails manually, using a professional newsletter allows you to send multiple emails without sending a signal that it is an abusive use of emails. As we all know, most of these hosting providers only give a limited number of messages daily.

Creating a newsletter and sending emails to subscribers is best if you are genuinely up for this email marketing strategy. It comes with an advanced system sending hundreds – and even thousands of emails – every day. With this, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Accessible and Cost Efficient

Through the newsletter, it is possible to design your email without any hassle. Some of these are compatible with Gravity Forms, OptinMonster, and other add-on products. Nevertheless, its overall performance brings more performance than ever. More importantly, it comes with the tools that make things much easier.

Another important thing about this plugin is that it saves you more time and money. Instead of manually sending your email one by one, you can let the system send them for you to hundreds and thousands of people. This plugin will do just as well as purchasing an expensive email service.

Keep Track of Your Stats and Analytics

You need to keep in mind that the newsletter shows you the statistics you need. Its systems let you see the number of emails your users or subscribers receive. You will also see the number of emails unread and the clicks they receive.

What’s the fuss about this type of feature? You can see the improvements that you need. Of course, it makes things easier for you.

Now that we’ve learned the importance of this newsletter, you can check out the plugins we will show you below.

Best WordPress Newsletter Plugins

1. MailPoet – emails and newsletters in WordPress

MailPoet – emails and newsletters in WordPress setup page

This newsletter plugin for WordPress comes with advanced features to entice more visitors to subscribe to your email. As the admin, you can build your mailing list with its powerful tools. You can design and create magnificent letters for your customers or potential clients. So, if you have promotions or sales, you can notify them immediately. Of course, you should not forget to include the call-to-action button.

The convenience of this newsletter is that you can customize your form without worrying about anything. Anything you prefer is excellent. Also, you can manage your subscribers’ list on your WordPress admin panel. Working on that helps you see and keep track of active and inactive subscribers.

You may also send automated welcome emails as soon as they click on the subscribe button. Moreover, it has the stats and analytics regarding the emails you will send. That includes the click on each letter. You will develop great solutions once you see the engagement you can make. As a return, more sales for you. It is one of the advantages of using this add-on on your website.

More info / Download

2. Newsletter

Newsletter Plugins for WordPress

Although pretty simple, this plugin has the right tools for you to create a beautiful newsletter. It is also the best for your marketing systems and strategies. Here, we’ll tell you some of its features and functionalities that you will love. Firstly, it comes with a responsive newsletter with a drag-and-drop composer. That will make things easier without the need for the help of any developer.

It also has the Subscription Spam Check allowing your emails to go through your receiver’s inbox instead of their spam folder. Moreover, it delivers fast. That means you can send multiple letters at a time. You can use the saved time to improve your website’s pages. As we all know, saving time also saves your money.

Of course, one thing you should not miss out on is its GDPR compliance. It allows users to send their consent before collecting data. More than that, it ensures that it protects the visitors’ data and will not use it on any harmful events.

You might also want to check the Subscriber’s List section, where you can manage your former and new subscribers. Through this, you will know who will erase and keep. It makes things organized and more accessible to you.

More info / Download

3. Popup Builder – Responsive WordPress Pop up – Subscription & Newsletter

Popup Builder – Responsive WordPress Pop up – Subscription & Newsletter demo page

This plugin is one of the most popular newsletters out there. It comes with the best tools and features that you will undoubtedly need. It has a popout newsletter, which is the highlight of this item. Once new visitors visit your page, you can pop this newsletter on your user’s screen. It allows them to think about whether to subscribe or not.

One of the most important things here is that it enables you to customize the form. You can stick in with the default, but if you have a better template, then go for it. Since this plugin has the highlight of the popout form, you can also appreciate the popup animation effect as soon as users hover in there. Also, with its WPML-compatibility, you can use it for the website with multiple languages. Moreover, it might lead to visitors worldwide.

As a default, it has the popup opening sound. However, if you are uncomfortable with it, you can disable it on your admin settings page. It’s not only multi-language compatible, but it is also multi-site applicable. So, whichever browser you use, you’re in.

You can still opt for the premium version with high-quality features if you need more features than the above functionalities.

More info / Download

4. Email Subscribers & Newsletters – Simple and Effective newsletter system

Email Subscribers & Newsletters – Simple and Effective newsletter system demo page

Online entrepreneurs, marketers, and bloggers have been using newsletter plugins for WordPress for a long time. Maybe, it’s now about time to start with yours. You can use this simple and effective email subscriber plugin on your website. With its form, you can create designs and font that you want. As a result, you might gain hundreds of subscribers instantly.

As a reliable newsletter, you can own your data on your server and keep it. It can help you once you need to move your website somewhere else. Also, it allows you to make unlimited forms, email templates, post notifications, broadcasts, and contacts. This limitless information collection will give you a lighter job of inviting more people on your platform.

One important thing is its spam check feature avoiding emails to go through the spam folders. As you all know, spam folders are better unseen. To create broadcasts and post notifications, you can create and edit them on the HTML editor. Moreover, it supports localization or internationalization.

Since it easily integrates with IceGram, Optins, Welcome Bar, and Popups, you can put this newsletter appear on the first page your visitors get to visit.

More info / Download

5. Popup, Optin Form, Email Newsletters for Mailchimp, AWeber, HubSpot – MailOptin

Popup, Optin Form, Email Newsletters for Mailchimp, AWeber, HubSpot – MailOptin settings page

This MailOptin plugin comes with multiple features helping you to better things out. Coming from its name – Popup – you can expect better ways of newsletter appearing in front of your users’ screens. It has a call-to-action section around your newsletter form, allowing visitors to subscribe to your email. You can also put an item or promotion on that.

Its template is easy to manage. You can also build your forms in any way you want. Typically, email subscriptions can be pricey. But thanks to this plugin, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can use it but are still limited if you are not yet with the Premium version.

Nonetheless, the basic version can help you keep up with the latest features. Still, the pro-version comes with multiple functionalities that will make things hassle-free for you. Some of these are the periodic email digests, scroll trigger, page views, time on site, and more.

More info / Download

The Final Takeaways

Now that we’ve mentioned the importance or benefits of these five newsletter plugins for WordPress, it’s easier for you to come up with a solution. You can also choose the right plugin for your website. Whichever one you want, it certainly has the features you need. You’ll see how it will affect your marketing strategies significantly.

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