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TL;DR. contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on our website are our own and we don’t receive additional bonuses for positive reviews.

This is our disclaimer, in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s guide (FTC), and to avoid any misunderstanding to Colorlib visitors.

Colorlib started as a live web development experiment but became the largest WordPress resource for themes, plugins, hosting, tutorials, and more.

Since our website is 100% free, many wonder how Colorlib makes money.

That’s why we want to reveal it all through this page because transparency matters to us.

Colorlib is Available to Everyone (Free)

We went on a journey, starting Colorlib in 2013. Due to the lack of reliable review sites for WordPress at the time, we wanted to create the best one. Which everyone can access for free.

Years of experience with web development and design helped us review and test products the right way.

In short, we turned Colorlib into the user-favorite place for everything WordPress.

Passion and enthusiasm are our driving forces to study each item with special care. Always.

Note #1: Each article provides everything you need to build websites and blogs like a champ. For the most part without coding and design knowledge.

Colorlib Has 3 Streams of Income

By becoming an authority website with millions of monthly users, we incorporated three core streams of income that support Colorlib’s existence. Read: They make us money.

Let’s face it, running a website of this caliber demands large funding.

On one side, there’s the server and hosting that keeps Colorlib running.

And on the other side, professional content creators, coders and designers that we hire to keep thousands of articles and our products live, updated and supported.

1. Our Themes, Templates & Plugins

When we got better at what we do, we started developing our own products.

Collectively, we have well over 1,500 templates, themes and plugins (free & premium) that assist you in creating and enhancing your websites and businesses.

We are grateful for the community of loyal supporters that made Colorlib what it is today.

We will keep on pushing the boundaries, creating new, better and greater things for your convenience.

2. Referral Fees

Referral fees or affiliate fees are the second main source of our income. In short, it’s called affiliate marketing (explanation on Wikipedia).

The process is pretty simple: we earn a percentage of the sale that you make when you buy a product or service from a company that we recommend.

Note #2: No, this does not mean that you will need to pay extra. We get the payment directly from the company. And in many cases, the products and services that we recommend come at a discounted price.

Note #3: We only recommend products, services and companies that we trust and believe in. But to achieve this, we first need to undergo an extensive testing process.

Note #4: We also don’t collect any user information when you purchase items via our links. It’s completely anonymous.

Whatever you find on Colorlib is 100% safe, secure, reliable and ready to make big things happen.

How to spot our affiliate/referral links?

Here are two example links that you can find on Colorlib:

To break it down even further, it goes like this:

  • 1. You click the link and the website we refer you to tags you with a cookie. This allows them to track the referral.
  • 2. If you purchase the product or service, this cookie then lets the company know who referred you to them.
  • 3. We end up getting the referral fee (from the company/website we referred you to).
  • 4. Fees can go from $1 to $10 or more.

Our affiliate/referral links can save you money.

As an authority website, Colorlib regularly collaborates on special discounts with different businesses that are exclusive to our readers.

Note #5: If you plan to get WordPress hosting and go with Bluehost, our link gives you a significant discount. Instead of paying $8.99/month, you only pay $2.95/month.

This is just one of the examples.

3. Custom Advertisements

We also offer multiple additional advertising opportunities to help clients spread the word out for their amazing products.

Keep in mind, even though someone is willing to pay us to be featured on Colorlib, that doesn’t necessarily mean we will include their products and services.

Everything first goes through our quality check.

What is a custom advertisement?

This could be anything from inclusion in theme collections, banner ads, reviews, giveaways and promotional posts.

Colorlib: “Your Help Matters”

We don’t try to hide anything when it comes to running and operating Colorlib. Thus mentioning that your help matters a lot is an appropriate statement to make.

Without you, Colorlib wouldn’t exist. We appreciate every single one of you.

You can support us in different ways, like:

  • 1. Buy our premium website templates.
  • 2. Purchase recommended products and services through our affiliate/referral links.
  • 3. Share Colorlib on the web, social networks you participate in and with your family and friends.

Why Colorlib & Not Some Other WordPress Resource?

Even though there are many “quote-unquote” gurus with years of experience in WordPress, that’s not always the case.

Not all are 100% honest with the reviews they share. And not all share products and services because they actually like them. Let alone extensively review them.

Some are in the industry just for the money and not for the user.

That’s when we come into play.

Colorlib’s main focus is to change the game of how WordPress products and services are reviewed.

We are here to help you find solid WP goodies, as well as save time, effort and money.

You can approach building websites, blogs and other web applications with complete confidence.

We are here to help you win. And we are genuinely thankful for all your support.

For any questions, please contact us.

Aigars Silkalns,
Colorlib founder

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